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Letter from Sarha, IMsL 2013

Letter from Bella, IMsBB 2013

A Brief History of IMsBB

A Brief History of IMsL




Welcome to the IMsL 2014 Weekend featuring the 28th IMsL and 16th IMsBB contest! All the key elements are in place and ready to go. We have built on past successes and added a lot of exciting new things. We invite you to use this weekend to explore and celebrate the fourth generation of IMSL!

The planning goes on all year long (well, this year it was only 8 months!). We’ve moved to San Jose
and into a new hotel this year and we could not have done this without our amazing staff, many who are returning and some new additions. They offered their guidance, knowledge and support as
we built the event from the ground up. This weekend happens because of their work and the 100+
volunteers who work from Wednesday to Monday. Please be sure to thank them for making sure this event happened!

We also want to thank our 2013 IMsL/IMsBB, Sahra and bella, for their dedication in reaching out to kink and non-kink communities all over the world. Whether it was on the Mega bus or doing one set of boots at a time, these two women proudly did it their way and added their names to the list of alumni who have held the title.

To start the weekend off, here’s a couple of new twists you will notice this year. You will hear about the creation of the IMsL Foundation. All educational, fundraising and historical aspects of IMsL/IMsBB will fall under this newly formed non-profit corporation. At events like Seduction, the Silent Auction , Poker Tournament and through IMsL Foundation pin sales, you have an opportunity to support these efforts. We know there are many amazing charities in the community but our goals are to ensure our titleholders can accomplish their goals, that we can digitize our 28 years of IMsL history that has been collected and improve the educational programs provided at events.

With the start of Gen 4 (fourth generation of IMsL Weekend event producers), we want to hear from you about your weekend! We will be asking your inputs on workshop evaluations and a follow up survey after the weekend. We are also adding a Sunday morning session right after brunch called Talk to the Producer. Come tell us the highs, the lows and share your feedback so we can start building for 2015!

So have fun, try something new and create some new memories and connections you can take home with you! Thanks for spending your weekend with us and let’s all do our part to bring sexy back!

Sharrin Spector
Executive Producer, IMsL Productions

Pat Baillie
President, IMsL Foundation Board



Keynote Speaker

S. Bear Bergman

S. Bear Bergman is an author, a theater artist, and a frequent lecturer regarding issues relating to the points of intersection between gender, sexuality, and culture. A longtime activist on behalf of anyone who wants to learn and be different at the same time, Bear tours and lectures about topics close to his heart, pausing frequently to encourage and admire youth activists. As a young person, Bear was one of the original founders of the first Gay/Straight Alliances and a founding commission member of what is now called the Massachusetts Safe Schools Project. Today, he creates cultural competency and institutional policy around LGBTQ issues for corporations, universities, school systems, health organizations, and state and provincial governments. Bear's published work includes Butch Is a Noun (reissued with a new foreword by Arsenal Pulp Press, 2010) and Lambda Literary Award-finalist The Nearest Exit May be Behind You (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2009). He is also the editor (with the inimitable Kate Bornstein) of the multiple-award-winning Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation (Seal Press, 2010). Bear is the creator and performer of four award-winning solo performances, a frequent contributor to anthologies on all manner of topics, and has recently been named to the editorial board of the LGBT Encyclopedia of America. Bear lives in Toronto, Ontario with his husband j wallace and their son, Stanley.